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Minimum Wages – Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand Min. wages revised w.e.f April 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019

Name of  Scheduled EmploymentUnskilledSemi-skilledSkilledClerical 1Clerical 2
Total Minimum WageTotal Minimum WageTotal Minimum WageTotal Minimum WageTotal Minimum Wage
Per Month (in Rs)
Asbestos Cement Factories & other Cement Products mfg.833189249518105209772
Aerated Drinks833189249518105209772
Ayurvedic & Unani Pharmacies833189249518105209772
Automobile repairs Workshops833189249518105209772
Bakeries & Biscuit Manufactories833189249518105209772
Book Binding833189249518105209772
Brick Kilns833189249518105209772
Carpet weaving Industry833189249518105209772
Chicken works833189249518105209772
Cinema Industry      (a) For cities having population of more than 2 lakhs833189249518105209772
(b) For Rest other Cities833189249518105209772
Commercial Establishments      (a) For population less than 1 lakh833189249518105209772
(b) For population more than 1 lakh833189249518105209772
Confectionery Industry833189249518105209772
Construction & Maintenance of Dam Embankments, Irrigation Projects, Digging of wells and Tanks.833189249518105209772
Construction or Maintenance of Road or in Building Operation833189249518105209772
Cold Storage833189249518105209772
Dairy, Milk Dairies833189249518105209772
Fruit juice Manufactory833189249518105209772
Glass Industry        (a) – Miniature Bulb Industry833189249518105209772
(b) – Glass Industry833189249518105209772
Hosiery Works833189249518105209772
Ice Candy/Ice cream Workshop833189249518105209772
Ice Factory833189249518105209772
Laundries & Washing Establishment833189249518105209772
Mechanical Transport Workshop833189249518105209772
Match Box Industry833189249518105209772
Metal Industry833189249518105209772
Public Motor Transport833189249518105209772
Oil Mills (for less than 10 employees)833189249518105209772
Oil Mills (for more than 10 employees)833189249518105209772
Petrol and Diesel oil pumps833189249518105209772
Plastic Industry833189249518105209772
Plywood Industry833189249518105209772
Potteries Ceramics or Refractories833189249518105209772
Printing of cloth833189249518105209772
Private Clinic and Private Medical shops833189249518105209772
Private Coaching Classes, Private Schools including Nursery School & Private Technical Institutions.833189249518105209772
Private Printing Press833189249518105209772
Readymade Garments Manufactory833189249518105209772
Rice Mill, Flour Mill or Dal Mill (for less than 10 employees)833189249518105209772
Rice Mill, Flour Mill or Dal Mill (for more than 10 employees)833189249518105209772
Rubber Manufactory & Rubber Products Industry (including Tyre, Tubes)833189249518105209772
Stone Breaking or Stone Crushing833189249518105209772
Shops                          (a) For population more than 1 lakh833189249518105209772
(b) For population less than 1 lakh833189249518105209772
Tea  Plantation833189249518105209772
Tin plates shaping and Tin printing833189249518105209772
Tobacco Manufactory833189249518105209772
Wooden Work and Furniture etc.          (a) Within the limits of Dehradun833189249518105209772
(b) Other Districts and Cantt area833189249518105209772
(c) Rest of Uttarakhand833189249518105209772
Woolen Blanket making Establishments833189249518105209772
Washing or Toilet Soap or Silicate or soap powder or detergent manufactories833189249518105209772
Engineering Establishments employing less than 50 workers.833189249518105209772
All the Registered Industries who’s name have not been mentioned earlier833189249518105209772
Engineering Industry/ Establishments employing 50 to 500 workers.833189249518105209772
Engineering Establishments employing more than 500 workers.833189249518105209772
Tailoring Industry     (a) For Dehradun and Nainital833189249518105209772
(b) For Rest other Cities833189249518105209772
[courtesy: paycheck.in]

Uttarakhand Minimum Basic Wages  (Apr 2019)

Wages DA Revision for Other Industries from 01.10.2018 to 31.03.2019

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