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Minimum Wages – Assam

————— Wages-Notification-1st-June-2020

Minimum Wages – Maharashtra

    D.-A.-01.07.2020-31.12.2020 Maharashtra Factories (Amendment) Rules, 2019 Minimum Wages – Maharashtra Notification  July 2019 Maharashtra Minimum wages revised for Shops & Establishment w.e.f.01-01-2019 Category Zone Basic PM HRA PM VDA PM Total Per Day Total PM Unskilled Zone I 5000 455.2 4104 367.66 9559.2 Unskilled Zone II 4700 440.2 4104 355.55 9244.2 Unskilled Zone […]

Minimum Wages – Rajasthan

  Rajasthan-Extension Of Working Hour For Shops And Establishments  

Minimum Wages – Kerala

——————————————————– ——————————————————–  

Minimum Wages – West Bengal


Minimum Wages – Tripura

<hr/> Notification (April 2020)

Minimum Wages-Delhi


Tripura Enforcement of medical benefits

Esic due date for filing April 21 challan is extended to 15th June 2021.

Pharmaceutical Industry must be protected from the fright of Militant Trade Unions

The sooner it is realized by the workers and their Unions that companies engaged in the production of medicines must be safeguarded by them the better. Industrial peace is the panacea for progress. The militancy of the trade unions has already done enough damage in the country. It may sound strange, but it is a fact […]

Minimum Wages – Chandigarh


Harmonious Industrial Relations


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